Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of projectors can I find that weigh no more than 7 pounds?
With the technology of our world today, it's no wonder a projector can continue to get smaller without sacrificing features and abilities. Vivitek projectors are offering that weigh in the 7 pound range.
Q. What can a home theater do for me?
The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think of home theater systems is movies. However, there are many other things that can be enjoyed if you have a home theater system. If you like playing games, your gaming system can be connected to the home theater system, offering great surround sound and picture quality when playing. If you're someone who likes showing slide shows to friends and family members, hooking your computer up to the home theater system is not difficult, and can give you a viewing experience you never knew possible.
Q. How long has Vivitek been in business?
Since 2004.
Q. Where can I send a letter praising your products and customer support?
Customers can send us an email at
Q. Why do I have to replace the lamp myself?
Lamp is a consumable part that needs to be replaced regularly. Customers can have a technician do the replacement, but the labor would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
Q. Why are the lamps so expensive?
The selling price of the lamps is based on the purchase price we obtain from the manufacturers. Vivitek would reflect the price reduction if there is any from the manufacturers.
Q. How do I take care of my DLP?
Please refer to Warning and Precautions in the User's Manual available with the kit.

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