Super Bright Projector with HDBaseT

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Vivitek DU9000 is Vivitek\'s brightest projector, and it has the best possible image quality with built-in Edge-Blending and Dual Lamp Technologies

The DU9000 provides 11,000 ANSI lumens of brightness (12,0000 Center lumens), native WUXGA resolution and built-in edge-blending & warping technology which make the projector versatile for a multitude of different applications like concert or sports arenas as well as auditoriums, rental and staging. The HDBaseT makes it easy to run both digital image and control signals to the projector with only 1 cable over long distances. 4 interchangeable lens options are available for flexible positioning to accommodate various projection distances and screen sizes. An optional color optimized color wheel can be exchanged to achieve color optimazation (Color wheel available separately). Optional stacking feet helps ease the task of stacking 2 projectors for even higher brigtness when needed. Optional carry handles are available for easier handling in rental or staging applications.
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Key features

  • 11,000 ANSI Lumens (12,000 center Lumens) brightness
  • Native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution with maximum WUXGA (1920 x 1200)@60Hz resolution
  • DLP® and BrilliantColor™ technologies for superb & durable image quality
  • Built-in hardware edge-blending and warping functionality
  • HDBaseT allows for control and digial video signals to travel over a single CAT5/CAT6 network cable up to 100m
  • Network ready for integration, control and system administration via RJ45
  • Built-in 12V trigger (2x)
  • Easy lamp replacement design eliminates the need to move the projector for replacement
  • Optional color optimized Color Wheel available (available separately)
  • 4 optional lenses available for throw ratios from 0,84:1 up to 4,0:1
  • 3D Ready and capable of BluRay 3D on HDMI inputs. 3D sync out allows for passive 3D with external emitter
  • Replaceable dust filters for demanding environments
DLP® Technology

DLP® Technology

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a display technology from Texas Instruments (TI). The technology inside is often referred to as DMD (Digital Micro-Mirrors). It consists of an array of mirrors where each mirror represents a pixel element. For example, a high-definition DLP projector or rear projector with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution would have over 2 million tiny mirrors. Each mirror is attached to an electronically driven hinge that controls the amount of colored light that is reflected from


BrilliantColor from Texas Instruments is a multi-color processing technology that produces vibrant images. BrilliantColor technology uses up to six colors, instead of just the three primary colors, red, green and blue, to improve color accuracy and brightens secondary colors.
Dual Lamp

Dual Lamp

A dual lamp projector is able to display larger/brighter images beyond what a single lamp can produce. Dual lamp technology automatically switches the projector to single lamp mode when one of the lamps goes out, ensuring usage without any interruptions.


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface that supports audio/video sources such as a set-top box, DVD player, A/V receiver, and video monitors such as a digital projector or digital television (DTV). HDMI is backward compatiable with DVI 1.0 specification and supports HDCP.
Native ResolutionWUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Brightness11000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio5000:1 (Dynamic Black Enabled)
Max. ResolutionWUXGA (1920 x 1200) @60Hz
Native Aspect Ratio16:10
Lamp Life and Type1,500/2,000 Hours (Normal / Eco. Mode)
Display TypeSingle chip DLP® Technology by Texas Instruments
Chip Size0.96" DMD
Throw Ratio1.85 - 2.4:1
Image Size (Diagonal)68"-217"
Projection Distance2.5~9m
Projection LensF= 2.17 - 2.46, f=39 - 50.7mm
Zoom Ratio1.3x
Lens Shift ( Based on Full Image Height)Vertical: +/- 50%; horizontal: +/- 15% , Vertical: +/- 12%; horizontal: +/- 12% (for 0.84-1.03:1 lens)
Offset ( Based on Full Image Height) Motorized Lens Shift
Keystone CorrectionVertical: +/-35°, Horizontal: +/-20°
Video CompatibilitySDTV(480i, 576i), EDTV (480p, 576p), HDTV (720p, 1080i/p), NTSC (M, 3.58/4.43 MHz), PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N), SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L)
I/O Connection Ports VGA-In (15pin D-Sub), HDMI (2x, optional HDMI to DVI adapter available), Component (YPbPr BNC x 3), Component (YPbPr RCA x 3), RJ45 (1x HDBaseT & LAN), IP Telnet Capable Over RJ-45, 12v Trigger (2x,3.5mm mini-jack), RS-232, 3D-Sync Out, USB A (Service Only)
Dimensions (W x D x H)500 x 630 x 250mm
Weight38 kg
Noise Level45dB/ 40dB (Normal/Eco. Mode)
PowerSupply: AC 100-240V Consumption: 1200W (Normal Mode),910 W (Eco)<0.5W (Standby Mode w/o network)
3D Ready(DLP link, PC+Video)Yes
Standard Accessories HDMI Cable, User Manual (CD), Lens Cap, Warranty Card (by region), Remote Controller (with battery), AC Power Cord
Optional Accessories Spare Lamp, 3D Glasses, Remote Control
Warranty Standard Warranty
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Lens Options

DU9000 Standard Lens D98 1824

Description: Standard Lens
Throw Ratio: 1.85-2.4:1
Part number: 3797805200-SVK (D98-1824)

DU90 EW001 Ultra Wide Angel Lens DU9000 Series

Description: Ultra Wide Zoom
Throw Ratio: 3797805500-SVK (D98-0810)
Part number: 3797805500-SVK (D98-0810)

DU9000 Short Throw Lens D98 1518

Description: Wide Zoom
Throw Ratio: 1.56-1.86:1
Part number: 3797805300-SVK (D98-1518)

DU9000 Long Throw Lens D98 2240

Description: Long Zoom 1
Throw Ratio: 2.4-4.0:1
Part number: 3797805400-SVK (D98-2440)

Replacement Lamp

Lamp Photo 2 D8800 D8900

Power: 465 W
Part number: 3797818200-SVK

IR Remote Control

DU9000 Remote Control

Part number: 5041842200

Vivitek Projector Distance Calculator v2.0




A =
Note on using the projector distance planning calculator and tips for projector installation:
Calculator accuracy +/-5%. The calculator is designed to help you plan your installation and find the right projector. It is not designed to provide exact dimensions. When calculating the throw distance, bear in mind that the distance is measured from the front of the lens to the projection surface, except for Ultra Short Throw projectors with a mirror system. Where possible, attempt to position the projector in the middle of the zoom range , which is where the optics is optimized for. Try to avoid the extreme outer boundaries as the projector lenses has variance and performance tolerances that could make the screen not being filled, or the image being larger than the screen, caused by small variances in the optical systems. If you need to be at the extreme outer boundaries, we recommend that you order the projector and test the actual distance in your environment before fixing any mounting parts to the wall or ceiling.
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